Remarks by CEO

As we know, nowadays Industrial Revolution 4.0 becomes a new attractive topics all over the world. After the era of Internet, Cloud & Mobile computing, Internet of Things, now we face to the new era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Surely there are other technologies that have been being talked by many people recently, such as Blockchain.

It’s pleasure to introduce Datains as one of the youngest subsidiary company of Gamatechno that has focus on Big Data Solution. Although we started the company in 2018, our team member has already had a long experience in IT industry. Our shareholders have implemented various solutions for hundreds institutions in academic, government and business segments. There are many opportunities to apply Big Data Solution in order to help us achieve our goals better.

Datains is ready to collaborate with you to apply Big Data solution for various use-cases. We are supported by multi-disciplinary experts from Universitas Gadjah Mada to improve our products, to start Proof of Concept of your use-case, and to be insightful consultant for our clients and partners. Datains has released product platform called Semantic, that collect data from social media, online media and digitalized offline media. Semantic has so far three variants; behavior analytics, media monitoring & analytics, and campaign analytics.

I believe that Big Data Solution, with the power of Artificial Intelligence, will bring many benefits for many aspects in the future. So do not be late to start it in your business with us. We will be glad for any questions and discussions.

Company Profile

PT Global Data Inspirasi (Datains) locates in Yogyakarta and focuses on applied Big Data and AI technology businesses. Datains has proven experiences in the implementation of Data Analytics solution for academic, government and corporates segments.

Datains is also supported by research partner, strategic business partner and multi-disciplinary expert team from university partners. This combination is a strong point of Datains to deliver the best solution to clients & partners.


To be data analytics solution provider in Indonesia for education, government and corporate segments with a strong research & experts from university


To collaborate business knowledge and technology know-how owned by shareholders and strategic partners.

To have research activities with partners in order to provide a sustainable and innovative solutions for clients and society.

Corporate Culture


Mudah beradaptasi dengan situasi dan perubahan, siap menghadapi tantangan, mudah berkerjasama, cepat belajar dan sigap dalam menyelesaikan setiap pekerjaan 


Berorientasi pada tujuan yang terukur, fokus pada ketepatan data dan analisa, berintegritas dan bertanggung jawab dalam melaksanakan program kerja, menjaga kepercayaan internal dan eksternal terhadap perusahaan dan pribadi karyawan.


Kreatif dalam memecahkan masalah, inisiatif dan aktif mencari ide-ide baru untuk meningkatkan kapabilitas pribadi dan perusahaan, inovatif dan inspiratif dalam membangun solusi. 


Name PT Global Data Inspirasi
Address Jl. Cik Di Tiro No.34, Terban, Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, D.I. Yogyakarta 55223
Business Fields Information and Communication Technology including hosting, providers of data entry, data management and big data
No.Telepon +62-274-566161
No.Faximile +62-274-566160
Deed of Incorporation No. 01/ Date 02 May 2018, Notary Public Widhi Kurniawan, S.H., M.Kn.
SIUP 229/12-05/PK/VII/2018, Trade Services
TDP 120516302891

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